Today is the beginning of what you want and the best is yet to come...

chinese new year - image 1.jpg

The Chinese New Year, the year of the Rooster, started this past Saturday.  I am so happy that the Lunar New Year falls in the month of January, the first month of the new Gregorian calendar (most wide spread civil calendar). 

A new year means a reunion with family and friends to celebrate and share new beginnings.  As I move forward to another amazing year, it is truly one of my biggest to embrace.  I want say THANK YOU and to celebrate and share with you special happy moments and new adventures.   

I recently launched my new website, www.nisalee.com, last month.   The coolest thing that I love about this new site is that I will get to instantly connect with you through my "Happenings" blog with extraordinary and unique weddings and events, creative ideas, and so much more.  

Wishing you happiness, joy, laughter, and many many special moments today and every day of the year!

With great love and gratitude,